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Thread: specs of my 3 yr old PC........what do I upgrade ?

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    Default specs of my 3 yr old PC........what do I upgrade ?

    Ive read hundreds of threads re camcorders, editing software and many on this thread. Ive used the knowledge here to make my decisions but now I'd like someone to help with my own setup.
    I'll be buying a sony HDR-HC7 and ulead video studio 10 plus.
    I'm a beginner and will be filming a trip,family etc nothing too adventurous yet.

    The specs of my PC made up by a local firm are :

    Motherboard:ASUS P4p800-VM/LAN/8XAGP slot
    RAM: 512MB PC3200 DDR SDRAM
    CPU: INTEL P4 2.8GHZ HT 800FSB 512K
    Hard drive: IDE HDC297- WD800JB 80GB 8MBCACHE 7200RPM
    Graphics card: GRP900 ASUS V9520/TD 128MB FX5200 8XAGP
    ( NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200 )

    I have to get a techie down here to install a firewire port anyway so he may as well make any changes if need be.....$40 travel aaaaaaaghhhhhhhh

    Ive already sussed out its best to have an extra dedicated internal hard drive. I'll be happy to hear the news the components listed above will scrape by

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    Get at LEAST 1mb RAM. You will have issues otherwise.

    A firwire card is really easy to install. u shouldnt need help as there are guides all over the web on hot to do this.

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    My expiriences of editing hdv on a very similar speed pc to yours were that your P4 will be fast enough, just, and I do mean just.

    This was on vegas but I found hdv editing on a pc specced like yours to be frustrating, but certainly not impossible, just irritating with lots of annoying pauses and hangs, and rendering took a very long time.

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    Thats great news !!! I'll get that sorted after I buy the sony ( theyre not available here yet ). Maybe the technician can test my firewire with it
    Ive a few other issues with the PC so I may as well get someone to do the lot. Yo tell the truth,I get somewhat apprehensive just adding hardware...let alone delving into the tower !! Thanks a bunch Mark and Mark,your expertise is very much appreciated...............Moira

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