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    Default Pinnacle Studio 10 questions

    Hi, first post on here.

    Firstly, although a highly experienced sound engineer, I am a complete newbie at the video thing, so please be gentle! I recently bought Pinnacle Dazzle Platinum, simply to capture VHS, edit and burn to DVD.

    1. When editing/playing back in Pinnacle Studio 10, it is slower than realtime. Why would this be? I have a 3.6Ghz, 2Gb RAM machine, with no other programs open. I can work with this, as the finished product is at the proper speed, but it's not ideal when editing.

    2. I'm capturing mpeg2 at a bitrate of 6000. When burning the finished project to DVD it asks me which bitrate I'd like - strange because I thought that was already established (6000). Should I burn the final DVD at the same bitrate, or a lower one to squeeze more on? Or should I be capturing at a high bitrate and then burning at a lower one? Or a higher one? Confused.

    3. I'm mainly converting old TV programmes to DVD, and would ideally like to put 2 or 3 programmes onto DVD. In Studio 10 is there a way to create a basic menu which allows the user to select which programme to watch? Also, how do I make chapter points in my edited programmes?

    4. I read that using a soft picture mode on a VHS machine reduces noise and makes the encide better. I've been doing this and it seems to improve it. Is this correct, plus are there any other tips for better capture?



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    I've never captured VHS, but generally, always capture in the highest quality you can, ie not mpeg2. DV if you can.

    I have Studio9, but creating a dvd menu is no problem. Put some blank or whatever pic you want your title to run over at the start of the timeline, double click the title line under the blank/pic and the title menu opens. Type your description of each chapter, hit the button icon on the right, add an actual button if you wish (drag and drop) or simply highlight the text and make it a 'normal button'. when you are happy with the title page press 'ok'.

    This takes you back to the timeline, double click the title area, and this opens the dvd chapter menu. Click/highlight the 1st button, then move your cursor to where you want the first chapter to start, and click on 'set chapter'. Repeat as necessary.

    In 'make Movie', 'disc', 'settings' choose any bitrate that allows you to put the amount of video on the dvd that you want. Probably less than 5000 is not a good idea, better to make two DVDs.

    Win XP, Athlon 1.8, G force 3 T, 1 60gig drive + 1 250 gig, Pinnacle Studio 9 plus mostly, Premiere 6, and Vegas 5 sometimes, Soundforge, Cool Edit.

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    Can you please help I have just purchase a Dazzle, and when I'm recording from the video player, I think that the device (Dazzle) can't see the video player, I'm using Windows XP and the software is 1.80 which I have just downloaded and installed.

    The connection I have been given to connect the video player to the Dazzle, is as follows: The cable is connected to the video player using a scart connection, then at the other end there are three leads which are red, white and yellow, which I have connected into the Dazzle into the matching colours.

    Any help would be appreciated as I'm not able to do anything with this device, it does seem to record but there is no image on playback.



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