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Thread: new project which setting do i select

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    Default new project which setting do i select

    i am sure this is the one millionth time this has been asked or not i could not find anything when i searched. anyways, when i start a new project which one should i select if i am gonna just be viewing on my computer. is little confusing am new to video editing. just got a comp that can handle it.
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    Your setting will be dependant on your source footage. How are you capturing your footage? From a DV camera? From an extant avi?

    Let us know a bit more info about what your trying to do.


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    Default more info

    i should say i am using premiere 6.5. i am capturing from my ati all in wonder 9600 card. source is coming from my tv. actually from my dvr box. trying to get some of the stuff i have recorded. i have used premiere to make a small file and about half way through it starts to skip bad. the video is jumpy like other frames are trying to cut over the current frame. this was using the mpeg encoder. i have tryed doing it as an avi but it gave me the white lines when the video moved fast. i saw the post about this being an interlacing problem but i cant find where to set deinterlacing. i love the premiere program and appreciate any help you can give me. i hope this is enough info.
    Please dont get mad, I will ask stupid questions

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    The deinterlace setting is found under the export dialogue, this will remove the lines that you see.

    As far as importing goes make sure that the settings match those of the footage your working with in terms of size, pixel ratio, frame rate etc


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