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    Default short clips

    I just stuck a few short clips on youtube to show, they can be found at these links.


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    Those were awesome! You've definitely got talent. What program/s did you use?

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    Thank you very much, I'm glad you like them as I enjoy making them, these ones were done solely in after effects.


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    Liked the Astra one, The golf one not so much but the execution of it was great and the last one is fantastic! - love the cheesey music

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    Loved the last one.

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    Thaks again, the golf one might become completely different. I had roto'd a good number of different sports actions. The masks were all going to be worked together to flow from one to an other. There were big plans, sadly this was the stuff I lost in a damaged .aep file.

    All I had left was an exported mask of the golf swing that a rendered out to experiment with. So I threw this one together, in the last few days, instead.

    Who knows I may get a further inspiration for it.


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    Getting ready to edit some stuff together I done more work on one of these clips. I put it here:

    Something that may or may not be bothering me is the timing. Any thoughts on the length of any of it would be appreciated. Everyone tells me it's fine to watch, but friends and family opinions and all that. A bit of a wider scope on opinions would be appreciated.

    Anything else that jumps out to anyone would be appreciated to hear about also.

    At the start there's quite a long time with no sound and at the end there's quite a long time with no picture as the audio comes to an end. Don't worry about these, these are there ready for replacement audio and a logo (respectively) that will go in on the edit.


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