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Thread: Help - I am slowly going mad.

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    Unhappy Help - I am slowly going mad.


    Please help me. I am trying to download video from a Sony Handycam DCR-TRV20E. I have linked it via a firewire cable , to my laptop and opened Windows MovieMaker. When I click on 'capture video' I get an error message saying that there is no device detected. I thought there might be a problem with the cable so I went out today and bought a new one. Still the same error message ( yes I have the camera switched on to VCR mode) I came onto this forum and read a few messages and some posters were talking about a fire wire card. On the off chance that I have a port but nothing else, I found a firewire card and put that into my laptop - still the same error message. I am tempted to give in - but I really want to download my video clips. What can I do? I feel as if I am getting nowhere.

    I would appreciate any help. Thank you

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    Have you checked the FW connector is OK in Device Manager?

    IEE1394 Bus Host Controllers

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    Do you know anyone else with a miniDV camera? I'd want to see if anyone else's camera was detected by the PC, just to rule out there being any fault with my camera. Alternatively, I'd want to try my camera on someone else's PC, to see if theirs recognised it. A miniDV camera is one of those devices that XP should 'find' the moment the camera is powered up - in either VCR or Camera mode. I assume this isn't happening?

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    Default Device manager

    Thank you for your reply - yes I have checked Device manager and everything seems okay there.

    Any other suggestions? I am so frustrated by this. I also have a mini DVD type Sony camera and it hasn't even got a firewire port. I would love to be editing video from either of these sources but..............

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    The idea of checking my camera with someone else's system appeals to me. That would help me to decide if it is my camera or me!

    I will have to ask around - chances of finding someone close enough to here in Gloucester could be the next issue.

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    Try PC blummin World. Make out you're interested in buying an editing PC.....
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    Default PC World

    Could try them - or the Sony shop - good idea, thanks

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    Default Problem sorted though not solved

    Took my camera to someone who runs courses re digital video. He had a computer linked to a camera - working. Removed his camera and added mine and there was the - can't detect a device message. When he looked at the fire wire cable port he saw some damage to the contacts. i couldn't see it - but then I didn't have my specs. Looks like my camera is out of action. It isn't new and can't be returned under any guarantee so I have to decide whether to go for a new camera.

    Can anyone recommend a good video camera, to use to make video podcasts, that is as cheap and reliable as possible! Not too much to ask, surely.

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    if you're going to edit then get a mini DV camera.

    Obviously make sure it has a firewire (or i-Link) port for transfer. Also, if it;s importasnt to you then go through the other features you would like like manual control, mic jack socket for an external mic etc etc.

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