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Thread: Time from post-capture to pre-burn.

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    Default Time from post-capture to pre-burn.

    First off just want to say I am a noob at this so I might not get the editing terms correct, and secondly thanks for any help anyone can provide

    I have Pinnacle Studio 9.x (at work don't have the exact version but it is patched to the latest version of 9)

    Have a Cannon ZR-85 connected to my machine (via Firewire) a Pentium 4 3.2ghz machine with 2GB RAM and SATA drive (don't remember the speed but it is a rather fast drive).

    Obviously capture time takes the same as the video length and burn time is decided on by your DVD burner.

    The time it takes to render and compress seems to take quite a few hours, is that normal? I am not doing anything to the video at all except maybe cutting out a few parts, no menu's, transitions or anything "fancy".

    Is this normal?

    Also Pinnacle seems to have alot of issues is there software out there that just allows you do do some simple editing i.e. cutting some frames out is all I really want to do.

    Thanks again.

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    Rendering is probably dependant on the speed of your processor, so the faster it is the better, it could also be that you have lot of things running in the background taking up valuable processor speed.

    On my 2.6Gb I get a 2:1 ratio, so 1 hour of video takes about 2 hours to render if no effect.

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    Rendering and depending on how you render can take time.

    If you have a DV AVI and are rendering out to the same then it wont take long at all assuming there are few edits.

    Once you start changing things render times go up. It depends on the speed of your machine and the nature of your changes.

    An example: Last year I worked on a 2 our Concert.

    The editi included: cutting bettween 5 Cameras, some picture in picture and picture in picture blending, mixes, a lot of colour correction, original NTSC footage to PAL conersion.

    Total render time was about 23hours.

    My PC spec can be found here:

    So you can see - render times are a part of editing. Its the painful dull part but its needed.

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    Thanks all, appreciate it.

    Any thoughts on the software? Pinnacle seems to have issues and Pinnacle and most other software seems to have just alot more features then I would ever use so kind of a waste of money.

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