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Thread: VirtualDub - editing - slow motion?

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    Default VirtualDub - editing - slow motion?

    Hope you can help me

    I have a sonyhandycam disc I converted from dvd to avi.

    Now am trying to edit to remove part of the file. Complete file size is 315mb

    I only want frames 6539 to 8027.

    If I edit (following the instructions) changing video & audio to virtual stream the file size comes out as 9.45mb. This is perfect, the audio & video is in synch, but the people are moving in slow motion ... not a heap - just a bit.

    If I play around with any of the other settings in video the file size jumps to 1.97gb & it's still in slow motion

    Anyone have any ideas how to get around this?

    Not too technical please ... don't have a lot of experience at this.
    Thanks in advance

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    You might not have as many problems if you edit the file with dedicated editing software.

    Windows Movie Maker will allow to trim the clip to the size that you want.

    Virtualdub can do the job, but Movie Maker makes it simpler.

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    Thanks - I'll give it a try

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