i have been enrolled into transfering old VHS tapes into DVD's for my Granda, I simply want to get a direct copy of tapes onto DVD for now but i also want to have the scope to play around and edit the videos at a later date (or get my dad to do it who loves his video editing)

i have purchased the Dazzle videa creator, with it's bundled pinnicle quickstart 10.5. i have already transferred 8 Tapes onto the HD.

My question is, given that the dazzle output is in MPEG2 am i immediatly loosing quality even though the VHS tapes are 16 years old, and is there any real harm in converting the MPEG to DV AVI to edit then back to MPEG2 for DVD authoring

one last question, is there any good freeware video editors as pinnicle really is a bit flaky

Video Editing Newbie Ross