Can anyone personally recomend the above?

I have Studio 8 and card, to easily produce SVCDs of my DV camcorder tapes which are just the usual sort of diary of events, large and small. Unfortunately it does not do DVD with menus. I have Nero 6.

No attempts at making films or adding audio.

Editing is to get rid of the bad bits, sometimes the shakes at my age, reorder, insert cutaways, voice over comentary at times. The whole toped and tailed with titles and credits.

Above all, on DVDs with menus for the impatient to jump with.

I have Serif MoviePlus 1 and DVDPlus 1 on aproval at over 100. It looks good enough as I see V2 is out. There is an excelent training CD but it suffers from endless crashes over Macromedia Flash Player 6, even though I have uninstaled and reinstalled V7, they must have embedded V6 in the software. It looks doomed, but I like on approval and have spent real time on it.

What else is there in the middle price range that works?