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    Hi everyone, I have just bought a Panasonic DVC and have shot my first film.
    I have an IBM notepad and I am using my friends Dazzle firewire PCMCIA card to capture the movie.
    This seems fine except that the 12 min movie is now 2.1gb on my H/file.
    I am wanting to put the movie on a cd so I can watch it on my DVD player, but as it is too big, i cant.
    I think the software is something like Ulead 4.0....??? not too sure and the file format is a .VSP file.
    I tried to change it into an mpeg file but when I did that, it became 170mb but the quality was poor.
    Is there anyway to compress this size of file but keep the quality so I can archive my movies on CD for my DVD player.???

    Any help would be most welcome..........

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    Welcome to the forums!

    A good starting point for you would be here:

    If you're gonna archive and are not worried about not playing the video in standalone DVD players, your best bet is an MPEG4 codec such as DivX. This uses a high compression rate, but quality can be comparible to DVD. For comparison, you can get a whole DVD on a single CD with little reduction in quality
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    Idealy I would like to create a disc that would play in my DVD player.
    As i only have a CD burner and not a DVD burner I have to use cd's.

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    then you wanna make svcd then.

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