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Thread: Darkfire Productions is Looking for Talented Movie Makers

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    Default Darkfire Productions is Looking for Talented Movie Makers

    Anyone think that they are a good movie maker? My company, Darkfire Productions, is a brand new company, not yet official, so we don't pay. One day we hope to become a real company. But for now, we're just for making movies and special effects. Currently we are looking for talented movie makers. And by movies, we mean real life, not video game ones.

    You don't have to make full length feature film movies, anything ranking from short flashes to full movies, lightsaber duels to ninja fights, as long as they're good. So if your interested in joining what may become a good, paying company some day, then go to our website (which is currently just a temporary one most likely) and then leave a post on the forums in the joining section, telling us a bit about you and giving us links to all your good videos (like links to them on youtube or google video or other video hosting sites). Our members will review
    your movies and if we're impressed you can join. We're especially fond of special effects, so those will really help you.

    The website is:

    The (z) is because darkfireproductions was already taken, so don't mistake it with an (s).

    Thanks, we look forward to your submissions!
    Steven Hayes

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    Sounds interesting, but I'm interested to know why I would join your company instead of just establishing my own presence on somewhere like Youtube?

    What can Darkfire do for me that Youtube, Myspace, Google Movies, Atom Films (the list goes on) cannot?

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    ..Not meaning to sound harsh here but....

    you look like another bunch of kids with a video camera, and not much else. You caught my attention then severely dissapointed me (especially your music vids).

    You have a lot of work to do before you become "a company".

    Keep practicing, and get some work experience....

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    If you are going to use lip syncing in a pop video then it has to be perfect. I looked at your two pop vids and the syncing is way way off.

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    wow, i've never seen a message board with that many forums. is it really necessary for every conceivable topic to have its own forum? i'll never understant why people do that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steven Hayes View Post
    So if your interested in joining what may become a good, paying company some day
    Comon guy's, are you serious about this? I admire your ambition but having looked at your video's you have a very long way to go. The effects you used looked great but that doens't make you a good filmmaker, in fact, your "movies" are full of beginnermistakes, how do you expect to be taken seriously if you present yourself as a "company" with demo material like this?

    I suggest that you go to a filmschool to at least learn the basics of making film.

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