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    Hey Guys,

    First post on the forums. I'm quite interested in doing more movies and videos.

    This one is just a short 5 min clip of my sister, my neighbour and I having fun around the neighbour hood. I put some music over the top.

    I feel that there might be some boring parts that need to be edited out, but the goal was to be somewhat funny/fun.

    Any critique welcome.

    (I could probably use a title as well - though i wasn't sure I needed one for such a clip)

    Here it is:

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    Default Bored

    If you like making videos, do something contructive instead of a long boring video about you and your friends. There was no point to this and its all completly boring. Script something because i think you have potential to make funny vidoes.

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    Yeah, i agree, I got bored after 5 mins. You need to make this interesting to people other than your friends.

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    Sorry, lacking any real invention.

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    Thanks for the feed back. I suspected it might be boring, but I really couldn't tell because I knew the people in the clip/ I had spent a good amount of time editing it...

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