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Thread: before replacing with new,cam

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    i know its not all singing and dancing,but this is what ive been practicing with,its a hi8 sonytrv 238 e, but it keeps telling me to reinsert the cassete, its realy peeving me off, ive not used it since august last year on a camping trip to canoe the lavish loch maree,it worked fine, then november fishing it kept telling me the same thing reinsert the cassete, hmmmm,after five or more attempts it got shoved into its bag and left/untill now, i was looking through some tapes last night, thought id have a bash at editing,then this morning the same message popped up,could it be the tapes??.il have to get it sorted before i take the plunge into something more lavish,

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    Sounds alot like the camera needs a good clean and possibly a service of the mechanism. It could just be muck on the posts and heads, or (and more likely) the belts have lost their tension and need replacing.

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