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Thread: vegas rendering problems

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    Default vegas rendering problems

    Hello, I have been trying to use vegas 6 to make still photo slideshow music dvd's. I had been using Pinnacle.

    I have an xp, 3ghz, machine, 2gig ram, 200gig+ hard drive space, radeon 9600 vid card.

    I seem to be unable to render a project that has more than 100 pictures and 1 song in it, or more than 5 minutes worth of stills & music. When I try to render more than that at a time the rendering timer times out unfinished, and the program hangs, and has to be restarted.

    I have tried best & good settings, tried rendering ac3, then architect ntsv mpeg2, and avi's.

    This seems quite ridiculous since most people use it for way more intense projects that what I am trying to do.
    Are there any suggestions to getting this program to work properly, or any ideas why I am having trouble?

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    100 pictures. What resolution each picture?

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    Default image resolution

    Hello, thanks for your reply, the pictures are high Quality jpg's, 300dpi i believe. Their sizes range around 3-5 megs each, pixel size averages around 3500x2300.

    Are my files just too big? I assumed there was much more info in video, and it wouldn't be a problem.

    If so, what size would be recomended?


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    I reduced the size of the images by 50%, and that solved my problem, they rendered without trouble.

    As well the quality looked good on the television, however there seemed to be more "flicker" than I'm used to. I'm not sure if thats related.

    The screen on some shots with higher contrast seems to crawl, or flicker, the highlights seem to shift, if that makes any sense.

    Any solutions to minimize that?


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    Is this the flicker you get from an interlaced still? Can't be your scenario as you say you had stills already? Explain just WHERE and on WHAT type of media you are seeing this flicker.

    Glad my question made you consider the size of your stills.

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    If the image is crawling, (assuming it is a picture and not a still video) then you need to blur the image ever so slightly (Gaussian blur).

    I have had it on my stills mainly things like grass and bricks are the worst offenders. It is because it is hi-res and clashes with the resolution of the TV as the image panned
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    These are all stills, with 1 second basic fade/transitions. So, it sounds like your saying the images are too sharp for television, so you blur them slightly?

    I'm not really sure what an interlaced still is, its hard to explain what they are doing, certain areas of the picture seem to have a tweaky shift, or crawl, or shift I guess.

    Any ideas?

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    Images need to be resized to video resolution which is: 720px wide.

    Do this and it should sort it no problems

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    Does that differ if its wide screen? Are there any exceptions? What do you suggest for vertical images?

    Right now my size resolution is around 2100x1400 & 1600x2400, they all vary, but that is an average.

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    Widescreen is also 720mwide but its anamorphic.

    If you are using photoshop to resize your images then open up a new document and use the video: preset sizes, choose the appropriate one for your video:

    Import your images into this and u will know that all your files will be the right size - be careful to keep inside the guides.
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