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Thread: Have PCTV so why buy a video acquisition card?

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    Red face Have PCTV so why buy a video acquisition card?

    i have a Pinnacle PCTV card that allows me to watch TV and ccquire video, so why are they selling dedicated video acquisition card?
    i am asking because i am thinking about to buy or no to buy one, that is the question.
    thank you for your advice!

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    If you're happy with the quality of analog recordings and don't really have lots of analog stuff to do, then you don't need the capture card. You do have a digital camcorder, don't you?

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    Hi, thank you for the answer.
    I have the sony camcorder that record on the mini DVD (think it's a mistake now), at the time i only use that to shoot videos of my kids, but now i am getting interested in doing digital video. So i am looking for gradually improving my skills and the hardware.
    I currently have a dozen of mini dvd that i want to edit and make a dvd to distribute to my relatives. I spent lots of time trying to rip my dvds, but didn't succeed. The only way i know until now is to plug the camcorder ont to the s-video
    of my old PCTV (Pinnacle). I am quite satisfied, but am i missing something?
    As a beginner i cannot appreciate the quality of my videos. The video capture card comes at the same price than the PCTV card but do not support TV feature, knowing that you get what you pay for, the quality is better? before investing in one of those card, you answer could greatly help me.
    By the way which on do you suggest ?
    Thank you in advance.

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    As you alluded to, its regretable that you chose a dvd-based camera. They record footage in compressed MPG2 format that is less easy edit than the DV AVI files that come off miniDV cameras.

    That said, I wouldn't attempt to transfer the footage from your camera via analogue capture cards. No way. Your footage is likely to suffer further still.

    Most DVD-based cameras come with software that enables footage to be transferred from camera to PC digitally, usually via USB. Did your camera come with any?

    I have never had to worry about these issues because I don't have a DVD-based camera, but I'm certain there are plenty of users out there who will describe how they transfer and edit their footage.

    Dont use an analogue capture card - TV tuner based or otherwise. You will be creating further problems for yourself.

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    I agree with Bert. Your best bet is either to capture via USB or rip your miniDVD's. I still don't understand why you can't rip those. What if you simply copy the VOB file and rename it? That was said to work. I couldn't know, as I've never owned a DVD camera and never will.

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    Well i tried with several softwares, such as imtoodvd, magic dvd ripper but there are many parameters that i dont understand so i chose the one touch feature, but still dont get good results. Now i am trying to sell my dvd camcorder and buy a DV camcorder. I 'll try again to rip the dvd. what software do you suggest me to use?

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    There are many applications that can rip dvds and convert their contents into something edit-friendly.

    They are mainly used by hackers to rip copy-protected dvds for piracy purposes. I don't condone that, but using the software to rip your own-produced material is perfectly reasonable.

    I use DVD decrypter to rip the vob files from the DVD

    I then use Flaskmpeg to convert the movies to DV AVI

    You will need a DV AVI codec on your machine to convert to DV AVI. I use the free Panasonic one

    There are many alternative solutions/tools available.

    I suggest you make a drink, give youself an hour or so, and go here:

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    ok, thak you all for the information, i will try to do as suggested.

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