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Thread: Converting JPG to AVI

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    Unhappy Converting JPG to AVI

    I'm trying to convert around 10 thousand JPG images to AVI (uncompressed) to then be used and edited within Premiere Pro 2. The trouble I am having by dropping the entire folder of JPG's onto the timeline is that Premiere locks up for some time. I would like to use some sort of standalone batch processing program. I've tried JPEGAvi v.1.07 and that seems to be nice and quick but the completed closed AVI cannot be imported into Premiere, It states that the file is either damaged or unsupported. Does anyone know of another program or can anyone tell me why the outputted AVI plays fine with Media Player but can't be imported by Premiere?!

    Thanks in advance.

    (nice forum btw)
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    That is a LOT of jpegs! (Time-lapse by any chance?)

    You can import them straight into Premiere, but to make the import smoother (and more likely to be successful) I would:

    1. Resize them beforehand, to match the project dimensions, using a batch resizer.

    2. Determine in advance (before importing them into the Premiere project) the duration I want each jpeg to be on the timeline, and setting Premiere's still image settings accordingly.

    3. Import the photos in batches of 500, saving the project in between each run.

    I'd avoid using an intermediary jpeg to avi creator unless it could produce an AVI file of the format that I either wanted to edit or produce in.


    Just another thought - Premiere may not like the AVI file that JPEGAvi created for you because it did not match Premiere's project settings. Check that they match, particularly on resolution and frame rate.

    Premiere can be fussy. Windows Movie Maker not so. An alternative is to try to import the AVI into a Movie Maker project before exporting as a (Premiere-friendly) DVI AVI file.
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    It's not time lapse, no. The jpg's have been converted + resised to PAL res from tga images, which in turn have come from 25 screenshots per second from a game, I could have used a fraps (a program for record in-game to avi) but even it's highest settings are low quality. The way I'm doing it will be really good quality, espesially after using Magic Bullet to colour it up a scale or two. So far I have only rcorded one of the game demos (the 10 thousand+ tga's (now jpg's)) I have another 15 demos to capture. The video is being made from a big tourniment that took place online last week, the sponsors have asked me to produce a video montage of the final match.

    Anyway essay over... I think I will just stick to using Premiere and then rendering out to avi. It can deal with around 5 thousand jpg's at a time (on my machine) without slowing down. So 5,000 at a time isn't to bad and isn't that much extra work. Thanks for your advice man, kind regards.


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