First off i just want to say hey, and i like the way the forums are run here : )

but anyways, to my question.. I have been running studio 10 for a while now, but the other day i tried to open up the program and i only get as far as the loading screen (the one with the guy riding the bike) and it usualy gets to about 55 or 70 % and it say initailzation failed. i have searched all over for an answer on how to fix this but i cant seem to find it.

i have tried running the install program again, but it didnt help, and i also tried reinstalling all of the patches (i have up to 10.7) but still to no avail. i would go straight to pinnacle about it, but there site hasnt been working for the past few days.

does anyone have a solution for this? i kinda need the answer quick. thanks for all of your help : ).