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Thread: Cropping video for website

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    Default Cropping video for website

    I have an active website which is page 1 listed on Google for most search phrases.
    As the site is about fashion I try and include lots of pictures and this is what brings in the visitors from all over the UK.
    Recently I tried my hand at taking a few smallish video clips which could be out in the site but I'm a bit lost in the whole thing.
    While I want to show a pretty reasonable quality video, I want the filesize to be as low as possible consistent with the desired quality.
    I find that a video of a model doing her catwalk presentation is mostly wasted space at the sides so I need to be able to remove the excees by cropping the sides.
    I have a simple(ish) programme Presto Videoworks that does this but I just can't get the result I need and save it in a format that I like.
    If I do a crop to a size of, say 200 pixels wide and 400 high it seems to be played back in a 4-3 format which cocks everything up and makes the model appear to be short and fat.
    Is there a programme that you can suggest, simple one perhaps? that overcomes this and can be easily picked up by a novice.

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    Since you've posted the queston in the "Sound Recording and Audio Editing" forum, I can only answer.... No.

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    Adobe Flash!!!! AaaaaAAAAAAh!

    Also Quicktime pro ..... alot cheaper and much easier!

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