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Thread: video but no audio?????

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    Default video but no audio?????

    hi,just started using adobe premier elemnts 3
    and i can import a video of "snow patrol" and it plays fine(mpeg)
    but other videos,"revis music video,lord of the rings film) plays video and no audio
    i have made sure the audio slider lever is up and cant see anything obvious to adjust
    snow patrol plays without any tweeking
    but the others are silent
    all the clips and videos that play fine are mpegs
    the silent ones are avi's
    is it a codec thing or somthing else
    great software if i can sort this thing out
    thanks for any help.

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    Do the said clips play audio OK when viewed in Media Player?

    If so, try importing the clips into a Windows Movie Maker project first.

    Check you can still hear the audio in the Movie Maker project

    Then export the Movie Maker project as a DVI AVI file.

    Then import the DV AVI file into Elements

    Elements may just be being fussy.....

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    windows movie maker keeps crashing , but i get the idea nad will try it out on some other software i got....will let you know how it goes

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    sorted, used winavi to convert them ti "wmv" files and they play fine in elements.

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