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Thread: how to make a potato gun

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    Default how to make a potato gun

    well, it's about time i contributed a movie!

    a little about me: i have prior experience using avid to create high school announcements and such. now i enjoy making short films like this and dvds of vacations, weddings and other events.

    this video is nearly two years old - filmed on a sony handicam. my lack of experience obviously shines in its use . edited using Cyberlink Powerproducer (yuch! not highly recommended) which i will blame for the rough style of editing (video and audio can't be unlocked in powerproducer!) no idea what i was thinking filling the first 5 seconds with black.

    some audio quality and audio sync was lost as i had to rip this from a dvd copy.

    with all that out of the way: here it is folks. please criticize!

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    There are quite a few videos on how to make potatoe guns but this was by far the most entertaining. It was cooooolio!

    The problems:
    1 - too dark in places!
    2 - there was not enough info showing how to build the gun/canon itself.
    3 - get some credits and an ident on the front and back of the vid.

    Sort those out and you'll have a wicked vid!

    Loved the time lapses!

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    irishmark! thank you so much for the feedback, especially the problems. here's hoping a few more people can do the same!

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