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    Default Song Suggestions?

    I'm looking for some good instrumental music to use for a video. I would love something that starts out slow, has a good build up and then slows down again, lol...kinda specific I guess. Something in the same realm of Explosions in the Sky would be nice. I have been searching on iTunes for days now and while I have found some good songs still nothing I am in love with.


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    Have you thought of True Romance theme music?

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    have you tried looking at some of the more well known film score artists? Haz zimmer springs to mind. - or try looking at craig armstrong (my favorite), danny elfman, bernard herrmann,and joe hisaishi.. all of these people have written exelcent film scores in the past, some well known others not..

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    True Romance is by Hans Zimmer

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    Thanks for the suggestions! I am familiar with some of those composers but not all so I am excited to go home later and check them out!

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