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    Question from someone who needs help. Thought I would post it here:

    I've never downloaded a video and put it onto DVD myself before
    and I've been trying to figure out a very simple thing for quite some time now :

    I'm on
    I've searched the band HIM.
    Clicked 'download' on the video I want
    Then the link takes to a page that has the details of the video (youtube orientated) and it says Right-click over the button with the format you want (FLV, AVI, MP4...). Save-As and change file extension to .flv, .avi, .mp4 (iPod) ...
    so I tried some ways but it never showed the file extension for me to choose from( I guessed it would be .avi because I clicked the available button 'FLV' and my programs windows media and showbiz didn't except it)
    This is the page I'm talking about
    Can someone please explain to me what to do???

    I've decided to use ShowBiz now (with the video saved as extended file .mov)
    I saved the 3 min or so video, opened it in showbiz, clicked create dvd without menus and it started "producing"
    However, while producing it, it did not have any sound (I thought that was normal and the sound would come out on the DVD player) and it looked like the video was in a slower motion.
    I've tried saving the video in 'make movie' and all that, and visually it works on my DVD player but there is no sound! What am I doing wrong?
    When I'm just playing it in ShowBiz it has fine sound but as soon as I click 'create' it plays without any sound.

    I need help! It would be much appreciated. Any ideas that would make this easier?

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    DRM (Digital rights management) can cause this type of thing... to stop people pirating music videos.

    For example the same will happen if you use music videos supplied on albums/singles as bonus content.

    I don't think you're doing anything wrong in your proccess. Try the same technique with your own footage and I bet you'll have sound.

    Yes there are ways around it, but I don't condone 'ripping' other peoples work.

    maybe buy the dvd?


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