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    i am using sony vegas 7. I have a 20min film that i want to upload to a FTP server and i want it around 200-300mb but keeping it pretty high quality/reslolution (640x360). Is there anyway in Vegas that i render my film in H.264 (.mov) codec or get a plugin do i can do it? If not is there an alternative codec i can use that has the same quality and keeps it small like the H.264 codec? Help would be great....



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    Help needed quickly!!!!! URGENT

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    I think the H.264 is the same as the MPEG-4. If so Vegas 7 can render to "MainConcept AVC/AAC (.mp4)" select it from the "Save As Type" drop down.

    Hope this helps.

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    A bit rate of about 1 to 1.5 mbit/s will give you the size you want and using either the wmv or h264 codec the quality will be as good as the original to all but hte most fussy.

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    I want to have it as a .mov file. The MainConcept AVC/AAC codec makes it low quality and the resolution is bad. Is there anyway i can render a .mov file with the H.264 codec? Or is there anything very similar i can do it iwth that will keep the quality but keep the size down?


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    You are not setting things up properly when you render. Make sure you set the bit rate and res, use vbr and 2 pass.

    To my eyes the main concept gives very good results - similar to wmv, a bit less 'artifacty' (!) but a bit softer.

    Set the res of the main concept to dv res, set the bit rate to 1meg, 2 meg max and it will look great.

    Not sure how to get h264 into a .mov package with vegas - why not use h263, at that comparitively high bit rate it will look fine.
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    Once you create your MP4 file, you can use Apple's Quicktime PRO ($29.99 US) to save it as a MOV file

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