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    Okay, i got the trial version of Premiere Pro 2.0, and i'm trying to burn a DVD. I got a few clips, put them in the timeline, put markers and a menu and stuff in there, then when I go to burn it, all the options are greyed out.

    I did the default DV - NTSC Standard 48khz preset, dragged 3 .avi files into the timeline. I don't know what it's mad at me about, i just want to put this on a DVD to show my friends... Any suggestions?

    I also know nothing about compression anything, so if you could provide a link that's a starting point, i'd like to read up on it. Thanks!

    EDIT: Okay, it seems my version of Premiere is missing most of it's content. I figured out I have to go to the Media Encoder thing, but when I get there I only have the option to export as a flash animation, quicktime, real media, or Windows Media... No DVD MPEG-2 ... is this a plugin I have to get?
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    I can't say this definitively, but given that it's the trial version I would assume that this is unavailable, most probably due to licencing restrictions surrounding MPEG2. I would check the documentation to confirm.

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