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Thread: Buying in the US, using in the UK?

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    Unhappy Buying in the US, using in the UK?

    Hello people!

    First post here. I'm a uni student in Liverpool and thinking of purchasing a new camcorder. Specifically, the flagship Sony HD one. Now with the excellent conversion rates this is 2200 or $2200, same price but different currency mean half price, sort of.

    Anyway my question is if one purchased from America, what limitations of use would that create?

    Thanks for reading, hopefully this site will prove to be invaluble in time!


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    Straight off, American NTSC format, UK PAL format. You may have to have someone jiggle the electrics but I'm not sure on this.

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    The power ratings aswell are different with US power ratings at 60hz and 110V (correct me if I'm wrong) and the UK has a 50hz and 220V to 240V power rating. And what about if something goes wrong with the camcorder, I'm not an expert but more than likely US warranties are not covered in the EU.

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    If you plan on recording in High Def, then there's not problem as all UK HD TV sets support 60Hz, however most American HDTV sets do NOT support 50Hz.

    If planning on outputting to DV, then there are plenty of programs out there that to decent 60>50 conversion if you dont mind shelling out a few extra dollars.

    The voltage problem can be overcome by a stepdown transformer.
    It's not about what camera you use or how much it cost.

    It's about what you shoot,
    how you shot it,
    and how you edit it :P

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    This question is often asked and is fraught with risks. Search the forums for a wealth of answers to your question.

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    Thanks guys!

    All good points. Risky indeed but is that risk worth the effort? I suppose it's a gamble and one that may come with a few too many chances for problems.

    At least it was worth a thought...


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    I would say no. The efforts are not worth the risks.

    If you search for it well enough there are deals to be had on camera gear in the UK. But even if not it would be still woth the extra money to buy here and get a PAL camera as the hassles you will suffer will be a major pain in the rear!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bengaskell View Post
    Specifically, the flagship Sony HD one.
    Which camera are you thinking of here exactly?

    I have a Sony HDR-FX1E which is high def (ok HDV) and never paid that much new when the camera had just been released. It's only real limitation is the lack of balanced XLR inputs but a few quid easily sorts that.

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