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Thread: Leeds Valentines Fair 2007 Video.

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    Default Leeds Valentines Fair 2007 Video.

    Here is a short video I made which is basically a montage of the rides at this years Fair at Elland Road in Leeds.

    The first section of the video is made up of day time shots and midway through the music track the video switches to night time shots.
    Hope you like it.


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    I missed that fair this year. Looked better than previous years with some okay looking rides. You had a good shot selection and the editing was fine, but maybe could have been a bit more dynamic in places to vary the pace. Some closer up shots of peoples expressions on the rides would have added to the edit. I like the classic Paul van Dyke track you used.

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    I liked it. I got the impression that you were deliberately framing the shots low. I mean, many of the shots had loads of headroom. I kept wishing you'd pull the camera down a bit so I could see less sky and more funfair. Were you trying to avoid including peoples' heads? I agree with the previous poster about close-ups of faces. Funfairs are all about people having fun. Anticipation and fear on their faces as they watch and queue. Horror and despair as they get flung around. Relief, giddiness and joy as they get off. A funfair gives you a great opportunity to build up sequences of shots from start to finish because they repeat nicely for you every 5 minutes, giving you chance to get all sorts of angles and elements. And funfairs are more than rides. The characters that work the stalls, candyfloss and toffee apples, punters trying to knock down coconuts or hook plastic ducks. And then there are the sounds. Sounds that you only get at a funfair. The music, the stall holders cries of encouragement, laughter and shrieks from the ridegoers. Your music was good but natural sound is even better. Go again next year and bring us a sense of what it was really like to be there! Nice job mate - what camera/editor?

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    Thanks for the comments guys. I wasn't deliberatly trying to cut peoples heads off, but I wanted to capture the rides rather than the people, although seeing your comments I can now picture how good it could have been had I included them.

    ^In reply to your last question, the camcorder I use is a Sony HC14E, fairly basic but does what I need to and within my editing capabilities. The editor I use is Pinnacle 9.

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