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Thread: Problem in ALL movie file's during playback - Frame Stutter

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    Smile Problem in ALL movie file's during playback - Frame Stutter

    Please help...completely out of my depth with codec problems.

    SPECS at bottom of post.

    PROBLEM: All video files on my PC have recently begun to have problems during playback, Regardless of file type or player used. Trying to load a video file initially resulted in a system error and reboot but now just takes significantly longer to load. Playback will frequently pause on a single frame then jump numerous frames to catch up to the correct time position. Audio is unaffected, continuing to play normally during each pause.

    I don't remember doing anything that could result in such a problem but if anyone can help it would be very much appreciated. Problem found in VOB, AVI, and MPG files, but likely present in other file types too.

    Movement of my mouse would suffer a 5 second delay before the cursor on screen would respond. Problem only affected my mouse when plugged into standard serial port, my USB mouse was unaffected.

    * System Restore to a date when my video files played correctly.
    * Removing video codec's from the device manager - were automatically restored upon refresh (unable to delete).
    * Uninstalling codec packs.
    * Installing latest certified codec packs - DivX, Xvid.
    * Updating Windows Media Player.
    * Updating DirectX
    * Downloading codec managers;
    GSpot v2.70a
    Listed 3 codecís as problem but didn't know how to fix:
    1. DSH-YV12-Nero Digital AVC Video Enc-{426F6A6F-FEF8-4A5B-8DDC-099E7499EF50}-0x00200000-** File Missing:
    2. REND Video-{2206C458-1E6B-4D65-B0F7-A74EEE8496B6}-{2206C458-1E6B-4D65-B0F7-A74EEE8496B6}-0x00200000 -** File Missing:
    3. REND Video-{61D528DA-7582-4336-9E9B-092D7C127F5C}-{61D528DA-7582-4336-9E9B-092D7C127F5C}-0x00200000 -** File Missing:
    DirectShow Filter Manager v0.5
    Displayed codecís, colour coded by merit but I was unable to find option for displaying or fixing corrupt codecís.
    Sniper Codec
    Displayed error message in German and failed to load codecís.
    Sherlock Codec Manager
    Listed codec's in great detail but had no options to locate or fix corrupt codec's.

    Windows XP Pro
    P4 3.4GHz CPU
    Geforce 6800 Ultra
    2GB RAM
    nVidia Display Driver 93.71

    Players: WMP 11, Real, QuickTime, Nero

    ***Video Codec List from System-->Hardware-->Device Manager***
    CineForm HD VFW Codec
    DivX 6.5.1 Codec
    Fraps Video Decompressor
    indeo video 5.10
    Xvid MPEG-4 Video Codec

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    Are all the video files on the same disc? If so it could be a disc problem. How old is the disc? If the disc is on its way out you would find problems like this arise.

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    Nup, not all the files were on the same disk. I posted on a few forums and you were the only one that replied so thanx heaps for trying to help out.

    From what little info I've managed to gather, I'm now 80% sure that it was a DirectX problem. I'm told DirectX becomes imbedded as part of the OS and can't be deleted, so your stuffed if the corrupt files won't update. I finaly gave up and reformatted, which gave me an excuse to update to SATA so it's not all bad.

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    This is true! If directX goes wrong it can cause all sorts of issues however you could try downloading the most recent version which in theory should sort it:

    Lemme know if this works.

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