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Thread: Premier is Useless!

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    Angry Premier is Useless!

    Hey folks,

    Is it just me or is premier useless? I can't get ANYTHING to open! I can't get any source video to work and have only got MP3 and WAV to work for audio! Adobe lists this seemingly workable file type support only I can't get any of it to play and frankly, I'm getting pissed off. The file I'm trying to open right now is an M2V file that is in Good old NTSC format. Premier opens it but when I hit the play button.... nothing but black screen. It works on every other player I have. Doesn't support AC3 (even though it says it does I can't get it to recignise an AC3 file to save my life), can't open DTS, Can't open VOB files... GRRRR I'm gettin mad. Anyone have any solutions? is there a Nice neat list of supported formats that I can get to F'n work? It's not like I can email Adobe and ask them.

    This is supposed to be a piece of PROFESSIONAL software! At $600 why isn't it Versitile?

    Thanks, Mike
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    it sounds as though you have some settings wrong. i think it may be set to play on a dv device and not on the pc during playback.. have a look at the prefences and see what your playback settings are like.

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    I've never tried opening an M2V file for premiere to edit. It's very specifically a dodgy format for editting as it's highly compressed. Premiere would have to de-compress it on the fly which is very non-trivial. Openign the file and repssing play will almost certainly not work I would imagine without rendering the timeline first which would be the cue to de-compress first.

    As for opening VOB files. There's no reason to do that unless you're ripping off a DVD so why would they include that functionality? there are apps around that can convert VOB (basically M2V files themselves) into somthing more edittable. Search these forums as it's been discussed many times).

    What you must realise is that Premiere (pro) is tuned to edit source footage i.e. AVBI file scapture form cameras. MPEG2 footage is an end product (used for DVD authoring) and is not really intended to be editted.

    I've no experience in attempting to open an AC3 file. Sorry. I would use an audio editor for that.

    Why can't you email Adobe? I believe contact details are on their support page.

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    Thanks for the replies guys.

    Yeah, I was kinda coming to these conclusions after messing around for a few days here. I'm not going to use that M2V file. I was looking at it and realized that there was a significant quality drop from the origonal dvd.

    Is there a way I can get this dvd into a workable format without loosing any quality? I got DVD2AVI and tryed extracting the video as uncompressed but 20sec of video ends up being 3GB! There's no way I have room on my HD for the full Vid like that.

    I managed to get the 5 track audio into 5 mono Wav's and Premier will work with that.

    If it makes ya feel better I'm not breaking any Copyright laws, dunno if that was a concern or not.

    If you guys could help me with the formatting I would appreciate it!.


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