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    Firstlyi didnt find a place for requests, so if there is none and this site is strictly maker only than I appoligise in advance. Seccondly if it is in the wrong section I also appoligise : )
    I am the leader of a mod for command and conquer generals Zero Hour.

    We are modifing the game to add a new storyline and two new factions (America and the European Union)

    I have done videos for it before but I am sure that they are no where near as good a standard as some people here could make them.

    Heres some renders of some of our units.

    skje- the superhero of the European Union


    Eurofighter Starbust

    If you want to see some american stuff or more stuff in general tell me.
    (or just look at our forums here

    Well anyway. To the request.

    I need a nice trailer video. The ones I have done in the past arent veryy good to say the least.

    I have one option of background audio for it already. I am not sure if I am allowed to upload it here as it is copywrited. But I will send it to teh person making the video. The background audio has a short 40 seccond introduction from my voiceactor and the song is by muse and called . It has been edited so it is shorter.
    Well I will provide the clips along with voice actor extras and i would like someone here to edit them to make a nice video.

    It would be really nice if someone here could do that.

    Well thanks for reading, and I shall hope for a nice reply


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    Check out your PMs.

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    Heres a little something that I havent realeased to most people yet.

    Its two american units, a heavy tank and a heavy artillery.

    Just thought it might attract more people

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    What material do you have? In Game footage? Screen shots? What are you offering in return? More info would be better.

    Software Used:
    TGV Edius 6, TGV ProCoder 3, DVD Lab Pro. 2

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    In return there will be no money. This is a free project and therefore requires a free trailer

    If you want in game screenshots i could arange them. But not for the american stuff.

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