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    I need to know the best way to play a Sony mini-DV digital cassette on a regular VHS tape player. Is there a drop-in adapter or what? This is for a court trial and I need the info ASAP. I doubt there is time to go to a production house or anything fancy. I don't know if this forum alerts my email account about your resposes. If it doesn't, would you mind sending an answer to as well? Thanks, guys.

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    All i would do is plug in you camera with your tape in the camera to the av in or use the red,yellow and white cable to plug it into you VCR recorder. Put in a blank VHS tape, go to the av 1,2 or 3 if you have them, press record on the VCR and play on the camera. Thats it done.
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    Quote Originally Posted by goodkid1 View Post
    Is there a drop-in adapter or what?
    Sorry, these don't exist for DV>VHS, too many differences between the formats/media

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