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    So I downloaded Sony Vegas Movie Studio 6 specifically for the audio effects. I saw a video edited with Sony and loved the video so much, mostly because of the audio, I asked the movie maker what they used and they said Sony and the effect they used was called olympic pool (they think). I saw online it said it had over 1,000 audio effects.

    I have downloaded and I don't see an olympic pool effect and there aren't that many other audio effects. Did I miss a step? A download section? I tried 7.0 and there were some more effects but not many. I am basically trying to go for an echo effect. I tried the metal tank effect in Reverb but still not quite what I am looking for.

    Someone help me!


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    There are Sony Loops, which may contain a background that is of an Olympic pool, that is one thing.

    Then there are SFxs. And, as you have discovered, these are sound effects which one applies TO an existing piece of audio.

    Are you wanting to add an audio background OR add an effect to an existing piece of audio?

    In any event, I have used many of the Reverb SFXs and tweaks to achieve some remarkable results. If I had an inkling of what you may want to be trying to achieve, then we could work on a solution. Have you an idea in mind?

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    Thanks for the response!

    I would want to add an effect to an existing audio. I am making a video of a tv show and for the dialogue for the scenes I wanted to add an echo sounding effect. This is the actual video I got the audio effect idea from:


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    Try TWO tracks of Audio that have themselves got ECHOE reverb and just put one out of phase with the other. You should get more separation and more detail within the audio. . .You could also try 3 and then 4 tracks!!

    You have much to try here.

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    Vegas was brn from Sonic Foundry the excellent audio application family. There are pleanty of aaudio fx built in.

    While Grazies methods will work it would be better practice to use the "reverb" and "simple delay" effects. - this will give u far more control also.

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