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Thread: Can Vegas display UB Time?

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    Default Can Vegas display UB Time?

    Hey everybody!

    Hopefully I will find the right answers regarding Sony Vegas 7 here.

    I am keen part time editor, in love with Vegas. Honestly, why couldn't they come out with this earlier....

    I got a couple of questions, but I will post one at-a-time.

    We are currently working with 2 Sony Z1U cameras, which as far as I know, can be set to record User Bits as the real time or the Time Code. If we set this to record the real time, how can I display this information in Vegas?

    In fact, how can I display the actual Time Code within a captured DV footage? I am not talking about the Time Code filter, since that displays the Time Code within the project and not what's in the file.

    Could it be that we are messing something up when capturing through Vegas? I checked and see no settings within the capture tool of Vegas, which would disable the capture of the actual Time Code of the DV tape.

    Not sure what the problem is? Any pro out there using Sony Z1? And knows Vegas?


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    RClick the media in the media pool and select the TC FX to add it to the media. Set the TC FX to create the type of TC recorded by the camera. Size and place to suit.

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    " why couldn't they come out with this earlier.... "

    They did actually, there was a vegas 6, and a 5, and 4 - thats where I started, but I am pretty sure there was a vegas 3 - not sure after that.

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    I can confirm there was a three but nothing before that....

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    I have Vegas 3 thru 7 loaded. Sad huh?

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    Thanks Guys!

    Been using Vegas since v5, and been very happy with it. Coming from Adobe Premiere, it is about 50% faster to work on for me.


    I got the following footages:
    - HDV, 25p, 720p (1 camera)
    - PAL DV, 50i (2 separate cameras)
    - NTSC DV, 60i (1 camera)

    So 4 different cameras recorded the same event. (Don't ask about the different formats, long story).

    The end result has to be PAL DVD and PAL DV AVI.

    Using Gearshift, I created HDV Intermediate and PAL DV Widescreen proxies of the HDV footage.

    FIRST QUESTION: How do I crop this to PAL 4:3?

    Once that problem is solved, I can switch the proxies back to HDV, render them as cropped PAL DV footages.

    From then on, it is simply converting the NTSC footage to PAL, and editing 4 cameras simultaneously with VASST Ultimate or some other plugin.

    The final project though:

    Honestly, every time I render a good looking DV AVI to MPEG2, the quality seems to really deteriorate. What gives? I am using CBR at 8,000,000 .

    ALSO, WHY IS THE DEFAULT SETTING FOR RENDERING TO INTERLEAVE EVERY .250 FRAME? If I have this option checked, and try to render a long video, it ALWAYS stops halfway and gives off an error.

    This project should be a ton of fun, IF I can convert everything from HDV to good quality PAL DV 4:3.

    BY THE WAY, WHAT IS YOUR SUGGESTION FOR RENDERING VIDEOS FOR ONLINE VIEWING, SUCH AS WINDOWS MEDIA? Progressive or not? I have been using progressive, but wanted to hear from others as well.


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    "FIRST QUESTION: How do I crop this to PAL 4:3?" set you project to PAL and you should find the crops are correct, if not there is a script out there that will do it for all clips for you.

    There is no need for Proxies in 7 if you machine can hack it just put the master clips, straight on there.

    For rendering have you tried a TWO PASS, that can help clean the image a bit
    more. Try it on small section to see the difference, makes suet there is a lot of movement as this show it better.

    Never given it any real though, I do mine in the same screen size as a Pocket PC (PDA) look on my site to see.

    "ALSO, WHY IS THE DEFAULT SETTING FOR RENDERING TO INTERLEAVE EVERY .250 FRAME?" not sure what you mean, Will need to check my V7 on Friday when I do some work, What rendering is this? (AVI?)

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    Hello Z Cheema,

    Will try setting the project to Pal to see the cropping.

    Will check that twopass as well, but I am sure that's what I have been using.

    Thanks man!


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    Hmmm.... That cropping isn't doing what it's supposed to, I guess.

    I got a normal PAL DV Project open (720x756) and add the HDV footage to the timeline, look at the preview, and nothing is actually cropped.

    I am either making some really amateur mistake here, or... no idea.

    Thanks. PLEASE somebody tell me how to take a 16:9 HDV footage and crop it to 4:3 PAL DV.

    Much appreciated.


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    When you are at the screen for cropping there is a drop down list t the top , select the 4:3 and that should change the F on the picture to 4:3

    Or right click on the F and set to match output aspect ration

    here is a tutorial to convert 4:3 to 16:9, works in revers as well

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