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Thread: Still shots from video

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    Default Still shots from video

    I'm using adobe premier pro 1.5

    I am needing to take still images from my video... I was wondering if premier can do this, and if so how...


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    In the Standard version (which is older if I recall correctly), there is save Frame option when you go to File > Export.

    2.0 Pro also has this, so 1.5 should have something similar.

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    Premier Pro 1.5 does have this. I've used it loads oif times. The only thin to be awre of though when using it is that it saves the image as a BMP and that it will be interlaced so if you are exporting for use a photo you will need to use somethign like the Photoshop de-interlace filter.

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    Does that occur even if the video is progressive?

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    Quote Originally Posted by pftq View Post
    Does that occur even if the video is progressive?
    Dunno but I imagine it's ok as is for progressive. Never used a progressive camera though.

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    this should probably be a new topic, but:
    i've always had to use the above export>frame whenever i'm using still photos from my digital camera, and i'm hoping someone can shed some light on this:

    importing the still photos is no problem. when they are added to the timeline, however, only a small portion of the photo is viewable and this fills the entire screen (basically, the image is not being resized automatically to match the resolution of my video project - and most often, the digital camera photos are significantly larger resolution). so, i've been previewing the photo and using file>export>frame to take a bitmap snapshot of the whole picture at the smaller resolution, and using that new bitmap in the timeline - but this is an enormous pain to do when using dozens of photos.

    why doesn't premiere resize photos, like most video editors do? i've tried a few of the options available in premiere (i don't recall what i've tried - options available in the right click menu on the file itself), and nothing seems to accomplish this. any help would be great!

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    Just select the video and go to effect options. You can scale from there.

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    Guitarfaces - you can resize the photo in Premiere using the zoom control in the motion settings section.

    If your original photos are all the same dimensions, then once you have zoomed out the first photo to your satisfaction you can quickly apply the same setting to all other photos using the copy/paste attributes procedure.

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