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Thread: Completed Project: Heist

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    Default Completed Project: Heist

    The completed project is now on the newly posted 404tv productions site, check out the video at Join the community while you're there please.....
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    I liked the idea, the story and the acting.

    On the technical side. Your monochrome levels need sorting out. The black & white look is very muddy and lacking in contrast. There are no "true" backs and a lot of the highlights are washed out. Having said that, the camerawork was good and the sound was understandable. Nice.

    A couple of words of advice: Names should never appear more than twice in the credits, "Ryan Grewell" appears ten times. Far better to have "A film by Ryan Grewell" than to list, one by one, all the things you did.

    Keep it up! Great start, now look at it super-critically and move on...

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