as a keen amateur, I enjoy trying to make and produce my own movies, but recently, my interest has been going south!

I seem to have developed a problem, to which I cannot fathom an answer.

Using premiere pro 1.5, I have red and green horizontal lines which show upon my rendered video, when renderring in DV AVI format. These are not due to interlacing/fast motion etc. If I import a completed AVI clip into the timeline, edit and re-render, the lines get worse. It is a problem which continually adds and adds, the result of which is that the video looks so bad, you dont even want to watch it..

If I render in Windows AVI (which takes longer and has less quality, there are no lines, but using the 16:9 setting, the picture is squashed as Windows AVI has no widescreen that I can find).

Can anyone help me get rid of my lines? Can I find out how to render once again in full AVI quality?

Any help gratefully appreciated!