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Thread: Colour issues with .PSD files in premier

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    Default Colour issues with .PSD files in premier

    Im fairly new with premier and have just started learning different editing techniques. I have 2 issues that I was hoping are fairly simple to fix. The both involve using .PSD Photoshop files.

    The first issue is, sometimes if I create a title of text in photoshop, then import the layer into the timeline. The colour of the text does not appear as it should. So I have created a light blue text title, however there appears to be a few lines of purple at the top of the text? Seems like Premier isnt viewing the .PSD correctly. Any ideas?

    Also... similar issue. If I have one .PSD sliding over another (to create a slide sort of affect), there appears to be a small white line at the edge of the frame that is moving over the existing frame. It doesnt seem like the motion is very smooth.

    I hope someone can advise the problem here?

    Im in the process of getting Adobe Premier Pro 2 and Adobe after effects 7... so im hoping they will make life easier. Thanks in advance!

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    I don’t know about the purple at the top of the text, but the ‘white line’ at the edge sounds like the picture edge itself. When making a psd’s background transparent, there’s often a few coloured pixels that stay along one edge that can be really noticeable when you animate it.

    I’m assuming you make each psd 720 x 576 pixels?

    I’ve had this a few times – and usually enlarge the still image, just to select the outer area and press delete – then reduce back to 720 x 576 which gets rid of any ‘stray’ edge pixels.

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    Yeah, i was making the image 720x576, but I do see what your saying, and Ill give that whirl when i get home from work and post my findings. Cheers!

    I have found something that I might try to fix the text problem, and if it works I'll post it in case someone else has the same problem down the track.

    Basically I am in the process of editing a new BMX video to come out of australia, so we are in the process of getting the editing how we like it, simple but effective.

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    Sounds good.

    I look forward to seeing a preview of the BMX vid on our ‘user video’ section.

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    Two thing I would add to this...

    I've never seen this 'artifact' probelm using PSD files. It may simply be an aliasing thing I wonder. I.e. the jopin between a blue object over a red object may result (if anti aliasing is in effect) with a few pixels of mixed colour - hence purple.

    Secondly. Absolutely do NOT buy Premier Pro2 and After Effects 7 SEPERATELY. Really really do NOT do this. If you have then cancel the order NOW!!!! I'll explain.

    AE retails individually at around £1000 UKP. and Premier Pro 2 retail at around £700 UKP.

    For £1600 UKP you can get the Production studio. This gives you both Ae7 and PPro 2 along with Illustrator CS2, Phtosohop CS2, Encore DVD 2 and Audition 2. And, only for Production studio users, you get 'Dynamic Link' as well which is a workflow feature between apps allowing you to cut and past between them requiring no re-renders. i.e. edit a clip from you PPro timeline in after effects and updates are instantaneously in the PPro project timeline with no export/import or re-render. It's great.

    So, my point is I'm not telling you not to get those products but to save money and get more.

    No doubt you're getting the PS already and I've typed all this for nothing.

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    Are your PSD files in RGB colour mode? it sounds like they may be in CMYK mode in which case they are changing. Video needs to be RGB.

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