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Thread: video clips????

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    Default video clips????

    anybody have any recomendations on where i can find free video clips to use in making videos? since youtube doesn't let you download them, and getting around that results in poor quality video... any suggestions?

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    Is there a particular theme you're interested in? Maybe the royalty free video firms can help with some free (demo) clips.

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    not really anything in particular. i'm not working opn anything right now. i used to be way into photoshopping and graphic arts stuff, and it was pretty easy to find stuff. Just using google image search or free stock photography sites. So i was looking for a search engine that lets you search for video clips, but most won't let you download them. and all the stock websites aren't free, unless i'm just looking in the wrong place.
    i also have another question. is there a website or anything that has contest type things for editing and making themed videos or something? when i did photoshop i used to use for the contests, and now i'm trying to possibly find a similar thing for videos. Know of any?


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