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Thread: Sharp VL-Z8 - guidance needed on transfer of video to PC

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    Default Sharp VL-Z8 - guidance needed on transfer of video to PC

    Hi, Newbee here !, looking for some help !

    I have a sharp viewcam VL-Z8 - and can transfer photo's no problem, but when it comes to transferring the MiniDV video i don't know where to start!!

    I have installed the disc that came with the camera, but when i plug the camera into the PC via the USB port i cannot even see the camera as a connected device on the PC.

    I have also been given a copy of Pinnacle by a friend, but have no idea where to start on that!

    Please help with some tips/advise on how to get the MiniDV over to PC , should it just be a case of plugging it in and away we go or what?

    I am on a new Dell PC with XP, not sure if it has a firewire port?

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    When I read the words Sharp Viewcam, I turned into Marty McFly and travelled back to 1985... Check to make sure the camcorder has a Firewire Port, is the camcorder being picked up by the software you installed from disc?

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