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    I teach video editing at a public high school in the United States. Our class has twenty-four students, six miniDV cameras, and six computers on which to edit video. When the students are ready to capture video they must connect one of the cameras to one of the computers which means that one less camera is available for students who want to shoot video.

    I thought I would purchase some miniDV players to solve this problem. I reasoned that miniDV players ought to be cheap since one can purchase a miniDV camcorder for $300 (about 225 or 150) and a player is simply a camcorder without the camera, right? Wrong. As you probably all know, miniDV players cost at least $1000 (about 750 or 500).

    My questions are:

    1. Why are miniDV players so expensive?

    2. Have I overlooked a cheap miniDV player somewhere? (less than $300/225/150)?

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    Quote Originally Posted by videdit_teacher View Post
    2. Have I overlooked a cheap miniDV player somewhere? (less than $300/225/150)?
    Nope, that's the price they are (expensive). Crazy, but it works out so much cheaper to just buy a second hand DV camcorder! I believe the cost is due to the age old supply vs demand. There just isn't the demand for these... so the prices remain high.

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