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    I just got Digital Fusion 5.1. I am new to this kind of software, I use Premier PRo for basic cutting and other small effects and I used Particle Illusion for particle effects but I saw this program and saw the spectacular results it can bring and how the big movie editors use it aswell. What I am asking is how on earth do I start creating cool effects in it. I can't get my head round all the controls and things. I tried the CmiVFX Digital Fusion tutorials page but they hardly explain anything. They do not take you through it well. I saw some DVD's on there site that you have to p[ay for called Sky repalacement and quite a few others but I think that is for more expierienced users.


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    can anyone help?

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    How did you doi that? The timestamps I saw had you replying to your own post before the original message!!!

    Anyway, not sure what you are asking. I've no idea what Digital Fusion is. However, Particle Illusion I can help with. Start with the online help/tutorials on the disk. You shoulds spend time with these as they do go through everything. if you need more than that then your single best bet is to invest in the training DVD available. Apprentice Magician's guide to PI3. It's by far you best bet and is not at all expensive when you bear in mind the time it saves you. If it's the compositing side of things that's confusing then I can recommend an alternative source of info.

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