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    Hello, I plan on buying a MiniDV video camera soon, once I have gotten enough money. I am on a tight budget, and I am reviewing on the good $200-400 priced MiniDV camcorders. I like Canon best because I already have a Canon Hi-8 camcorder, and I have used the Canon Optura 50 at my school, so I am familiar with their techniques, especially the battery-charging process. I would have gotten an Elura 100, but unfortunately it was discontinued. So I am now looking into either a ZR800 or ZR830. I have a few questions about them...

    Do these two video cameras (the ZR800 and ZR830) have analog in/out passthrough? This will come in handy for capturing analog video directly into Premiere Elements.

    Do they both have microphone jacks? I've always wanted to try shooting video with an external mic.

    Do they both give off good picture quality? I don't do a lot of low-light shooting, and I'd at least like a MiniDV picture quality that is quite improved over Hi-8 video.

    Can they both be used on tripods?

    Please answer, as I will have a job soon and will begin saving up for one of these two video cameras.

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    Google may be your best source of info, unless anyone has direct expirience of both these cameras.

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