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Thread: problems capturing video from canon zr-200

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    Default problems capturing video from canon zr-200

    Hi All -

    I have Sony Vegas Movie Studio + DVD version 6.0b, and a Canon ZR-200 connected to my computer via firewire.

    When I go to the screen to capture the video from the tape (a short two minute clip), the capture video starts, then a message comes up that says, "an error occurred while capturing from the device. The file is an unsupported format.").

    I contacted Sony, to no avail. Any ideas?

    Here is the kicker: it worked for two longer videos! using everything the same. Now, it won't work...

    Any ideas?



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    Have you tried an alternative programs to capture just to verify the answer Vegas gave you?

    If not then download a trial of and try that and see if works OK

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