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Thread: Need some help with 3D

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    Default Need some help with 3D

    I want to make a small video on my PC just to test some 3D effects. I want to have my computer case

    but in 3D to come spinning in and then I will but some 3D text around it etc. What I want to know is how I can make a 3D video of my case spinning 3D like into the scene. What software would I need. I put this post in the Premier PRo section as I use Premier Pro and would be using that to edit it not to make the 3D case unless it can of course.


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    I also use After Effects 7 now.

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    Premiere Pro can't make 3D objects,it's a video editor first and foremost, you'll need something like 3D Studio Max or Lightwave or any of the many other 3D packages out there. Most of which are very expensive if you only want to make a 3D model of your computer case. Why don't you look up some of the websites that specialise in 3D models and you might be able to find a spinning SU that you can either download for free or for a small fee.


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