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Thread: Heres some stuff i made... check it out!

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    Default Heres some stuff i made... check it out!

    thats the first... I was a little dissapointed becuase my camera messed up. but that was the first actual movie i have edited.

    here are some others not really edited to heavily, but they have helped me learn.

    So tell me if you like them or not! thanks

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    All the vids have serious interlacing issues which make them unwatchable. Try sorting this out before posting them

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    Film making is like any art - it's bloody difficult.

    What you have produced is typical of what happens when people get a camcorder - lots of filming and little thought - amusing to you and your friends but rubbish to the rest of us, sorry.

    Camcorders are great fun for arsing about with but to produce something more than this you need to have more than enthusiasm.

    Slow down, be less ambitious, watch films and think how thay are made, read some books, think some more, plan, rethink, and so on...

    Unless all you want to do is make silly films for friends, then waht you have done is fine - but it aint filmmaking.

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