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Thread: vegas or premiere??

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    Default vegas or premiere??

    Which program would any one recommend, Vegas or Premiere? Regardless of price or availability, just which would be more suited for someone who makes well-edited, cool effected, small filed videos.

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    thanks marc for a compelling reply. Would you agree that vegas is just as versatile as premiere pro??

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    I'm a casual user. For me, there would be no difference between the two, especially based on the criteria you suggest.

    You'll always get someone with a preference though.
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    the vegas interface just seems so much more compelling. You've got to love the little tabs at the bottomw of the screen with basically everything you can do. So much power there.

    Also, keep in mind that review was of Vegas 4, and now Vegas 5 is out. I havn't used it yet but I can't wait for the upgrade.
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    Vegas 4 is grossly overpriced and cannot even import VOB files or AC3 audio.
    What a rip off!

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    I've only been using Prem Pro for a short while now, and I am just a casual user, but... I like using subclips, and I like basic transitions that don't require a lot of monkeying around to get the results I want, and so far, it seems that Vegas 5 does both of these in a far superior manner...

    For example, I am starting on a project with tape from 3 different cameras for the same event. I want to capture it all, then pick and choose the scenes I like and combine them into the finished product. Since Prem. Pro dumped subclips, as far as I can tell, this becomes a big pain using that package. In fact, I am not quite sure how I would go about it, I guess I would have to export new files for the scenes I liked, and then storyboard those. Anyway, based on a very brief look at Vegas 5, it seems like a snap. Just use the trimmer to make subclips, dump the ones I like on the time line, add transitions and boom!, I'm done.

    I am still just experimenting, but so far I'm packing my bags for Vegas...

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    Default Vegas 5.0

    I use Premiere Pro and Vegas 5.0. Got to say, I love Vegas!! I now use it all the time. Roger

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