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Thread: Making footage for projection....

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    Default Making footage for projection....

    I am making animations out of series of hi-res digital photographs,

    i am intending to project these, should i go for a higher resolution project than normal?

    Would the high definition options not work with a standard dvd player?

    Is there anything else i should take into mind when editting for projection, I don't want to labour over it only to find out that i should have checked a box or chosen a diferent option when i began.


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    I cant think of anything you would do vastly different for a projected film. The only thing I would avoid is too much camera shake - or virtual camera shake in your case. On a big screen the fashionable shaky look can just be tiring.

    If you are producing the film for dvd there is no point in editing in hdv. There again no harm is keeping your options open - since your source is high quality you would lose nothing by editing it in hdv and keeping a hdv master.

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    I produce an awful lot of stuff for theatre projection (40ft screen) and you can leave everything as normal. Last year I did five different two hour live shows with no problems at all. As long as the projector is up to the job, no worries at all.

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    Thankyou very much for your help, i just wanted to check.


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    Default Twice yearly I use a projector

    Twice yearly I use a projector to show my documentories/slideshows.
    I take a small portable dvd player with me my mini stereo system and the projector it works a treat everytime.
    As everyone said just encode your as avi then create a dvd..

    Good Luck

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