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Thread: problems with vegas 7 please help!!!

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    Default problems with vegas 7 please help!!!

    on the sony vegas 7 software ive recently been having problems with editing text media and effects like light rays or even just colour and contrast.

    it wont let me open the screen to edit text as when i click on edit generated media, what normally comes onscreen flies down to the bottom and dissapears no matter how many times i do it.
    editing the effects screen doesnt come up at all either when just a week or so ago it would come up automatically after i added the effect and would work fine.

    if anyone has any idea how to fix this it would be greatly apreciated as i am in the middle of a project that needs finishing fast.

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    Sounds like the layout is screwed up...... I think (from memory, someone might correct me) that if you press CTRL + SHIFT as you start Vegas, it resets all the prefs and sets everything back as it was.
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    Or try ALT + D then 0 (zero) to reset the screen layout.

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    thanks for the response but it didnt help, it reset the layout but when i want to edit text or effects, the window to change them doesnt come up.
    (on effects when i add an efect then click OK, the next window doesnt come up. and when i click on event FX again, it shows that no effects have been added to the clip even though i can se the image has changed)

    any more help is greatly appreciated!

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    A reinstall?

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    yeah i thought of that,
    but wouldnt it delete any of my video files or projects on my computer? (i got no external hard drive with any space on it and about 50gb of videos)

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    Your videos will be fine.

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    ok. i uninstalled it and reinstalled it.

    but now its saying that my fre trial has run out and that i have to order it. it doiesnt come up with any screen where i can enter the registration number thingy so it cant open or start. how do i enter the registration thing!

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    Have never used the trial, am guessing you need to download the proper running one, that has a window that requests the S/N when it starts up, as you cannot run in trial mode.

    Or take trial software to new machine

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