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    For a video I'm making I would like to put footage of video from a Winamp visual clip. You know how Winamp has those bars that move to the beat. Is there anyway I can get that for the song i'm using then put it in adobe?
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    Not really a Premiere question so moved to General.

    but to answer the question. take a look at which is a similar -ish question.

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    go to somewhere like and there you can download screen capture programs which can capture parts of the screen

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    It's pretty hard to do reliably and at speed. With an old Riva TNT2 video card I could grab from the screen a window 640x480 at 30fps and 32 bit colour with CamStudio 1.2, but since I got a 'better' ATI Radeon 9000 Pro I can just barely manage 15fps of 180x120 with 16 bit colour. Sure, my frame rate on Quake 3 Arena went way up, but I lost fast screen grabbing. It's got to be the ATI drivers doing the dirty work, but there's no alternative. I think I'll dig out the old parts and put together a slower machine that can grab screen video fast. This may be one of those times older is better.
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    if you have a way of capturing (2nd pc or a dv camera with analogue inputs) and tv-out on the pc you're wanting to capture from, that'd probably give best results.

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