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    Please review Potato Head.

    It was made one year before Rolling Stock, and it is my personal
    favourite for many reasons, there is a bit of a Matrix thing going
    on look carefully.

    I always seem work with people in their 70's, 80's, and
    they taught me all about computer editing.

    I hope it does not breach any copyright kangaroo courts, if it
    does please let me know.

    Dare to be different every time you shoot..!


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    That was great - a very complete and carefully executed project. The amount of work you put in shows.

    Worst points - the acting, but it wasnt that bad and suited the film well - great characters. The story was wierd and apposite for us all here
    (edit - I didnt mean the story was a bad part)

    Best points - 'prozac and viagra' - the pill bottle light trick, the into the glasses shots, the linking music. That hose pipe scene was well done, quite scary, if a bit long.

    Clever stuff. Stars.
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    AAAAARGH run from the killer hose!!!!!!!

    Genius! We need more of these kinds of filme on the forums!

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    It is not that easy doing stunt hose work with someone who was 76.

    Potato Head was made one year before Rolling Stock, it was based on my friend Alan, because he did have a life long film and video history of just about everything he did....I was able to go through his extensive collection to make up the tape he is played near the end of the video.

    Making videos with people who are not actors is difficult, and its amazing just how people freeze up once that camera is rolling, sometimes I would record stuff without my actors knowing. Most of the Alans wifes lines were stripped in later and even Dr Walker had some lines added in post, it helps to have people with mostaches as you never see their lips.

    Because of all the audio work neede to patch up the screenplay it became quite a complex edit, and I used heaps of cut aways to resolve many issues.

    Alan died about 3 years after this video was made, and he suffered a condition where his memory was being affected, so the video ended up being a little bit sensitive to his family.


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    great video

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