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Thread: Hey Noobish Question

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    Smile Hey Noobish Question

    Hello i just started using premier. I have a large file (about 1.4 gig) which i imported and cut the 2 clips i wanted (the 2 clips i chose go for about 2 minutes) Anyway i put them on the time line (video one) and when i go to export it (as an avi) it saves a file which is roughly 800 meg and that was only at 30% saved.

    So why is it giving me such an enormous file size for 2 clips that together go for about 5 minutes.

    Have i selected a wrong option or am i saving the wrong thing?

    So how do i save a reasonable sized file but with good quality?)

    Thank you in advance

    Also this is my first post here so if i have left out some important information i apologize

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    Welcome to the wonderfull world of compression. When you import or capture your file it is usually an uncompressed avi file. When you export depending on how you encode the file ie wmv,dvd,mov ect will depend on the size export file.
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    Ah i see.

    So how would i go about compressing the video then?

    Thankyou in advance =D

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    if your planning on watching it on a tv then i'd try using 'microsoft dv avi, or quicktime' as your file type. Set your compressor to either dv ntsc or dv pal depending on where you live and the standards there. You can leave the audio uncompressed most likely.
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    Okay i took your advice and i seem to be having the same problem

    That is a picture of it exporting. Does that look right? over 100,000+ Frames Which doesn't seem
    right for only 5 minutes

    And also i am having a huge file size issue still ;_;

    finally I am only going to watch on the computer and not the tv

    Thankyou in advance

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    ya 100 000 frames is way more than five minutes at 30fps. I dont know why there would be so many frames. The only thing I can think of is that you are exporting the entire sequence and not the work area bar, but I am probably totally wrong on this one.
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    I have selected work area in the export so i have no idea =(

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cubedude04 View Post
    I have selected work area in the export so i have no idea =(
    Just a thought. Check you work area does not extend past the end of the clips in it.

    Maybe if you can post an image showing your timeline and the options chosen for exproting?

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    Its fixed =D

    There was a little bar i just noticed stating how long the clip was and it was going for an extra 20 minutes. Thankyou everyone who helped me =D

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    Also the movie i imported in to cut the sections i want out of it. Will the sound still be in the background when i dragged it onto the timeline. Because i cant hear the sound when i play the clips in premier and i don't want to render it and not have the sound work

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